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Duncan Burn was born in Colchester, UK, in 1971 and later immigrated with his family to South Africa. In 1990 he met Phil Kolbe, an accomplished sculptor who became his mentor.

He joined the Nelson Mandela University school of fine art, where he worked closely with his mentor entrenching his inherent talent. This creative and fertile period formed the foundation for his future work and development as an artist.


Duncan addresses the concept of bipolar disorder through his work. Focusing on expressing his innermost feelings and temperaments during these periods of both highs and lows. His forms explore a strong and undisguised vein of human emotion, reflecting an underlying tension between happiness and sadness, which are the fundamental themes of his sculptures.

His approach to shape, form, and texture, results in not just beautifully made sculptures, but also thought-provoking works of art.

Duncan prefers to model his forms in clay, where after he casts in either resin or bronze.

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