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Marke Meyer is a South African sculptor, working in clay and casting in bronze.

He was born in Kokstad, spent his childhood in the mountains of Lesotho and matriculated from Westville Boy’s High School in 1981.

Marke is a poet at heart.

Having abandoned the pen and paper in exchange for space itself, Marke now uses sculpture to create his own unique, quirky concoction of 'visual poetry'.

Marke says: "Figures fascinate me...especially the female figure. I prefer the nude figure as it is free of context allowing for an open-ended expression of abstract concepts and emotions. The figure, metaphoric in every sense, describes a state of mind, or more often the projection of ‘mind’ into a space removed... a mind-space perhaps.  This is a comfortable, magical space without restraint or restriction. The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground.


Generally, my sculptures transmit the awareness of transitioning into adulthood, without losing the subjective naivety of the younger person. 


These works are about growing up on your own terms  Ofter there is a subtle reference to the question, “What if,… What if Eve hadn’t plucked the apple?  What if… we had chosen a different “shoe” for our path?  Through this questioning we may, perhaps, arrive at a deeper self-knowledge.”  MM

Marke has pioneered the use of suspension to best display his works and to create a feeling of lightness, whimsy and freedom.

Marke constantly re-invents himself as an artist but always remains true to his narrative. He is an innovator who constantly experiments with new concepts: these include the use of other metals (e.g., stainless steel); new technology (laser cutting, scanning and enlargement); and new finishes (textures and chroming).


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