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Explore and discover contemporary Africa at its finest ... powerful sculptures of wildlife and bold, striking abstracts, juxtaposed with hauntingly beautiful African Faces and Places.

The immersive, creative experience you've always dreamed of,begins here..

To help you make the right choices, on request, we create digital mockups of your favourite works of art placed on your very own walls.

  • With almost 30 years’ experience, we crate, ship, insure and deliver art worldwide

  • Once we understand you as a customer, we will be able to advise you on the best options available to you.

  • We then hand you over into the capable hands of our nominated shipping agent who will oversee your delivery.

  • Over and above the works you see displayed here, we have access to so much more.  Tell us your heart’s desire and we will know where to find it for you.

  • Contact Us to discuss your ideas, needs and more. 

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