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His studio was the open sand of the semi-arid desert, of the southern Kalahari bordering Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.  The art speaks volumes of an ancient language, drawing on ancient scriptures – simple, fine art.

Many have offered their opinions over the years. I’ve walked with the art. I’ve walked with the art and watched it gain attention: knowing full well that there is something very special here.

As testament to this, I met Mary Lange years ago in Upington, who described the work as: “heritage, like rock at”. And so, our journey of protecting the art – The Sacred Collection, as we call it – began.

​He would draw anywhere. We slowly journeyed through small exhibitions, alerting the world of The Sacred Collection. Small families bought individual pieces, and all who interacted with the work said they would come back to view it in a gallery, studio or museum.

And so here we are – introducing the art with high quality prints, and sharing its positive image with a collaborative gallery.  We ask you to purchase these works and carry the heart of our journey, our sacred sites, and our way of life into the world around you. Let us all share the stories of the oldest tribe of the Org family, of Katrina Org, of parts of the stories that have never been told.  We are returning to Mother Earth, to Vetkat, his tribe Org, the oldest tribe that lives.

We can enjoy a dialogue about all of this, about all of the art pieces, about the individual works, about the collective – but the simple word for it all is love.​

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ARCHIVAL Limited Edition  PRINTS  |   Authenticated & Numbered

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