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After recent years of extensive life changes, travels of self-discovery and International exhibitions Rachelle Bomberg-Lipschitz has opened her own Museum Gallery – Studio in rediscovered Muizenberg, Cape Town - South Africa. She has personally renovated this unique 1940's Art Deco house known as 'The Castle'. This is probably one of the most beautiful unspoilt coastlines in the World.  


Rachell says...

“The progression of my work reflects my journey through life, the two are inseparable.  - one moment a child, growing up through the time of the Beatles culture and the hippie generation, the next a mother. From a girl seeing the world for the first time as an air stewardess, (when concept of 'time' is altered radically, travelling in a timeless capsule above the clouds), to a woman learning to 'see'………….forever learning. This entwined with the development of physical strength and breath, through movement and dance – a seemingly inconsistent stream of events engulfing an individual.

Through a process of deep concentration, I can transcend the barriers of a learnt reality, and produce the passage into a new realm. My work reflects a journey to 'oneness', and could not be achieved if either the mental process or physical strength were not developed together into a whole. The effort is great, but there is a point when I flow with the canvas – the experience can be likened to dance – it is harmonious.

The technique of painting is integral to my work, the mastery of my craft must be at my fingertips. However, this is only a part; there must also be the knowledge of 'self' and at all times integrity in what I produce and belief in what I do.

Sometimes, the paintings transcend my understanding when I'm cast adrift on the tide of daily frustrations, and I find it difficult to relate to them. It takes courage to bring together, into a whole, the complex tissue of events, constantly overlapping and combining – the flux of life as we perceive it, that seem to have no real edge. Only then the veils seem to lift, and for an instant I can 'be' – then, the paintings live again.

“Light wrapped in light, darkness wrapped in layer upon layer of darkness. Cover me with your brilliant blackness, so I may burst forth……..and be free.

Ultimately words become clichéd they are poor substitutes for the job in hand. Painting is for me a physical record of my journey – it is a child that gives me much pain and joy – joy of discovery, the sheer joy of colour and movement of paint – a movement through, and into space, as well as across the canvas. 


An interwoven tapestry of time facets, a maze of events and forms broken down to be reborn.  ………………Every painting is a child I must nurture and allow to grow, and one day have the strength to part with……………

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