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My name is Cathy Bell and I'm an explorer at heart.

I joined a photographic club, as there were some awesome macro specialists in the group, and his was the first step in a very steep learning curve. Most of the photographers were professionals or very advanced amateurs and had cemented their genres. The generosity and sharing of knowledge in the group was such a gift to a budding photographer. Through these very special people I was able to take their wisdoms and gentle criticisms to heart. Each aspect of my photography was looked at with great interest allowing me to grow with an ease of mind and joy of heart. The willingness to share their time and great knowledge helped me step into other genres. Landscape was still the genre in which I had the most difficulty. I just couldn’t see the patterns in the shape of the rocks, trees and the movement of the waves.

I signed up for a course with a well known local photographer; Dewald Kirsten who lives in Worcester. We ended up on Kogelbay beach which is located between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els and borders the spectacular Clarence Drive, a 20km scenic route that boasts whale watching opportunities along largely undeveloped parts of the coastline. Slow shutter speed, focal point and a tripod dug into the sand were the most valuable lessons I learnt that day. I also developed a deep respect for Lee Filters.

When I had my filters in my hands I felt confident enough to sign up for the landscape course run by Martin Osner, an award winning fine art photographer based in Cape Town. I couldn’t have asked for a more delightful experience. Martin is such a gracious teacher with years of photographic experience. Our class was an eclectic bunch of ladies from the ages 20 to 80 years, ranging in experience from novice to experienced amateurs. We each came away with a wealth of knowledge we could use to enhance our photographic enjoyment. The landscape began to speak to me and I began to see the patterns and the flow that would make a picture work. I finally understood the importance of fore ground interest, light balance and what holds the eye’s interest in a picture. I also came away with an understanding of Lightroom, Bridge and a smattering of Photoshop.


My pictures are a reflection of my journey I have taken to

 experience the world that surrounds us all.  There are moments of

beauty at every corner, and opportunities to capture glimpses of

Mother Nature's perfection.

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