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'Time: Gadesi S'khathi,

The Time Is Now'. ​

As taken from her biography, Zana's aesthetic is inspired: "by the emotive and vibrancy of the Ndebele people", as well as the Ndebele culture. It is deep rooted in the recreation of the African identity, with a focus on the Ndebele culture, and how Africans from all industries are paving the way for themselves as well as future generations. With this said, she reinforces the importance of art historically and how it formulates as part of the building blocks of any society.


Ultimately, the work of Zana “Ndebele Superhero” Masombuka is the culmination of two parallel worlds, the West and Africa, indigenous cultures and modernity, as well as the outside world and the internal world of the individual."

Virtual Exhibition

BackChat Vodcast with Kerry Burns


Thina sodwa s'yok'rhohrhelana ngemaweni

kwemphofu z'dosana

Sbaw'ukuy'raga siy'tjathe,sgijime nayo

kwekonyana lomsana.

Sphan' isqabelelo thina s'dzimelele,snunge


Sabelan'okungerhabheni srhamule

stjhiyelane ngibhigiri


Imumang' ipilo,kuqinisekisiwe

Azenjiwa mngodi munye

Nenge sngaba yinyanda s'bumnane le poto


Ib'disi lento nangambala

Ubdisi lento bubulawa kuphathisana


Sfundzani lento thina s'tataye nayo

Siy'phathis' abezako

Nabo bay'rage njalo,siw'tjathe soke,

S'thwesane lomthwalo

Asikh'esinye ngiswesi

Asingarhubhel' emva

Sembel' etjhugulukweni elinomrabho\



We come humbly, seeking the truth

It is hidden; however, the wound only pains the one who has it

it feels like we are pregnant with a ball of fire inside of us, we are burning


Dear elders, those who possess the knowledge,  

See us, recognize us, we are young

Without the support we are unable to rise

Even stone can be worn down, with enough rain

As time exposes weak bonds

It is bigger than us, we cannot do it alone


The performance of knowledge is not the same as the possession of knowledge

Working only on the muscle of our youth, without sustenance

We can only see as far as our collective consciousness allows


We are pleading for the knowledge, feed us

Time is not on our side

We hungry to know WHO WE REALLY ARE, We are hungry for our legacy

Don’t give us the gold, teach us the alchemy

Like the process of nature, which continues to give birth to itself,

Give us the seed to plant fruit for the next generation

Allow the cycle to continue, as we will do the same when the time comes


Alone, We are blind leading the blind

This is a plea for the final piece, to Go Deeper, to Know, to Transcend

This is a plea for your support, to stand firm in our identity

To continue and add to the narrative of our people

To share in the knowledge, To celebrate our beingness,

To leave OUR own legacy

Life is boundless,

however, its succession depends on the cooperation of the whole

Much like us, we need to work together,

To alleviate, To lessen the load, Through our communion,

We become one, We become boundless

Dear elders, those who possess the knowledge,

See us, Recognize us, We are young

Give us the seed to plant fruit for the next generation

Allow the cycle to continue, as we will do the same when the time comes

Time is not on our side


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