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Wilma studied Fine Art at the University of Pretoria, and after doing her time as a wife and mom, dedicated her life to travelling the world as an artist.


In 2000 Wilma was commissioned to do 17 painting to adorn the luxury suites of the Caribbean cruise liner “Radiance of the Sea”


A few years later Wilma had an exhibition to launch the opening Vision Gallery in Laguna Beach, USA, which was a virtual sell-out.


Wilma is a magical and whimsical beauty of unsurpassed talent. Everyone who has had the privilege to watch her paint unanimously believes she is inspired by greater beings. She is a modest and humble soul who simply claims to be totally inspired by the reflection of light and has to capture it. Just piling on the paint on and literally sculpting it with her fingers and hands is her trademark.

She currently has works exhibited in homes and offices in almost every corner of the globe and is truly one of the greatest talents South Africa has to offer.

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