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Fine Art Africa is a unique melting pot of galleries, art studios and artists. where one can experience the joy of creativity in action, meet artists on location and discover the finest works of art. 


Located in the idyllic coastal village of Hout Bay, Cape Town, we showcase a masterfully-curated, diverse collection of contemporary art, created by both professional and emerging artists from Southern Africa.

In 2023, Fine Art Africa Gallery was selected as one of only 3 galleries in the world to showcase works of art created by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, Nelson Mandela.

Over and above our own splendid offerings, there's even more.  We are adjacent to the Hout Bay Harbour Market (voted the vibiest market in Cape Town), and neighbours to the World Award winning gin distillery - Hout Bay Harbour Distillery.  All in all, we truly are a must-visit destination.  

Featured Collection:  Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest stateman of our time, but not many people know he had another talent which only surfaced in his later years as an artist. 

Drawings created by Nelson Mandela are now on display at the Fine Art Africa Gallery in Cape Town.   These drawings were created by the hand of the man incarcerated for over 20 years.

They are of his prison cell on Robben Island, and of the Mvezo, the village in the Eastern Cape where he was born and laid to rest.

Mandela produced the drawings, using charcoal and pastel.  Years after he stepped down as South Africa’s president, he had begun sketching in his dining room at his home in Johannesburg in 2001.

Mandela had previously agreed to produce pictures which could be sold for charity and Belgravia in London, which also represents, the now, King Charles, was initially appointed in 2002 to market them. The sale of the works follows his death at the age of 95 in 2013. 

To prove authenticity, Mandela was filmed signing the pictures and limited-edition prints

Featured Artist:  Nicki McQueen

I am enamoured with the extraordinary and create composites using mixed media, which express my fascination with the sciences, the social sciences and encompass psychology, whimsy, humour and the macabre. I draw inspiration from classic surrealism, magical realism, street art, collections of vintage medical and scientific illustrations, as well as many contemporary artists whose work I resonate with.


I create digital composites using hand-drawn and public domain images, which are expertly and painstakingly hand-printed and drawn onto archival papers and then worked into with inks, watercolours, and mixed media.

My art explores the places beyond reason and the familiarity of everyday existence. It is a manifestation of an urgent, unquenchable need for the expression of years of unspoken truths, unthought thoughts, unfelt feelings, unfulfilled longings, losses, triumphs, lessons and personal evolution. I deconstruct feelings, thoughts and societal norms and examine them through the lens of my personal paradigm.