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Niki’s work is created using ink drawing over a handmade underprint, then coloured using several techniques using a variety of mixed media (inks, watercolour, fineliner, alcohol pens, charcoal, coloured pencils and metallic leaf) on Fabriano 300gsm or 640gsm hot pressed watercolour paper.

Images are drawn and digitised or found in public domain collections, then composed into digital composites comprsising up to 50 image fragments, and then an underprint is created by hand on archival paper. This is then drawn and detailed and worked into with a variety of media. There are 4 standard sizes, (size information available on request), but smaller or larger sizes are available for commissioned work.

Niki produces between 1 and 15 limited-edition variants, which are numbered, hand-crafted originals of each available artwork. Each variant will look marginally different from due to the nature of the technique and materials used. (Wingmill II, editions 1 and 2, right, illustrate this).

Some of the early work shown on this site are artist proofs (APs), made on thinner paper than the final works. Once a client has selected a work, Niki keeps them included in the process of the creation of their final edition.






    UNTITLED (89 x 104cm)

    SKU: NMC04
    R27 500,00Price
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