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3D - Contemporary Artist

Nathan creates 3D township scenes using recycled metal and found objects  with astonishingly accurate detail and perspectives that draws one right into the very scene.

My journey as an artist began in 2007 when I moved from Harare to Johannesburg.  I started working as a trader selling domestic products.It was then that I learnt that art was a good way to earn a living.  I was inspired and began to explore ideas of how I could become an artist.    Soon thereafter I moved to Cape Town.

When I arrived in Cape Town I stayed in a township called Delft.  In Delft there were artists painting townships on canvas and they consigned their works to others to sell.  This is when I first started thinking about new ways of painting townships. 

In 2008 the xenophobia attacks began across many townships in South Africa and life became very difficult.  With my brothers and sisters, I was forced to start living on the streets.  The Middleridge Baptist Church in Constantia came to our aid and gave us a place to stay at night, and gave us food and clothes.  Those that had professions were also helped to find jobs.  I had no qualifications so I identified myself as an artist.  The church bought me art materials in order for me to create art.  I started teaching myself and started exploring a new idea of 3D Township paintings.   I started out doing small pieces and the Church continued to support me, even though I was an amateur in the art industry. 

A year later I started working on my first masterpiece, which took me another year to complete.   Everyone loved the piece and I was offered tens of thousands of rands for it.  I did not find it worth my while selling it for such a low amount because of the time and effort it took for me to finish the piece.  I decided to donate it to the Middlebridge Baptist Church as a token of appreciation for their support.   From there on I started creating masterpieces.


I started exhibiting at Art Festivals in South Africa.  My first was the Grahamstown Arts Festival where I was given a special mention in the local newspaper.  On my way to Vrystaat Art Festival in Bloemfontein I stopped in Port Elizabeth and sold my work, and once again I was featured in an article in the Port Elizabeth Herald. When I arrived in Bloemfontein, I was nominated and won the Best Artist Award of the 2017.  It was also stated that I was the first African artist to win this award.

These achievements made me realize I am an appreciated artist and I opened up my own studio.  I exhibited my art and have become well-known and supported by many local and international visitors from around the world.  I am proud that my work is now shown in many countries.



Over and above many other commissions, I was once commissioned to do a piece of Rotterdam – a city in Holland.  My ambition is now to travel the world making 3D paintings of the great cities like London, New York, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam.  I would also love to do a piece of the entire continent showing how beautiful our world is.