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An aspiring artist who was born in the small village of Xhana next to the Chalumna River, he has found solace in creating art which takes him away from worldly challenges.  Through the practice of hatha yoga, he has developed a positive attitude which in turn has given him a healthy lifestyle and enhanced his creativity.  Thembelihle’s personality brings out the good in others which are reflected in his artwork.

In Thembelihle’s own words:

“Art is my home; in it, I’m free from the world.”​


“Within nature and the through the practice of hatha yoga I discovered the key to my creative side.”

“My art transformed my mindset from negative to positive.”

“Art is my health and food for thought.” 

“I am obsessed with my own spirituality, as I believe that this is the only way for me to find out who I really am”.

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